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What is a corn tortilla VS what is a Taco?

“Corn tortillas are a whole-grain food,” says Christy Wilson, RDN, a nutrition counselor at the University of Arizona’s Campus Health Service in Tucson. “They’re traditionally made from ground field corn (maize) that’s then made into masa harina.” It’s not like using corn straight from the cob. “Raw, ground corn is treated with limewater (calcium hydroxide, or cal), which softens the corn and gives the masa harina—and ultimately the tortillas—a distinct, savory flavor,” 

Getting technical, this corn processing technique is called nixtamalization, and it also boosts nutritional value and reduces cancer-causing substances called aflatoxins.

Corn tortillas are typically used for making street tacos, traditional tacos, enchiladas, taquitos and chilaquiles. They can also be fried for making taco shells or tortilla chips.


A taco basically has three components—tortilla (traditionally either corn or flour), filling (plant-based or animal-based), and topping (garnish)—plus an optional sauce, salsa, or squirt of lime juice. But perhaps it’s best to think of a taco more simply.

“Anything can go in a taco,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Malena Perdomo, founder of Malena Nutricion and a certified diabetes educator.

Registered dietitian nutritionist Christy Wilson, owner of Christy Wilson Nutrition, LLC, and nutrition counselor at University of Arizona’s Campus Health Service, agrees adding, “A taco is really a blank canvas!”

Yes, they’re quite versatile, with an infinite number of savory ways to stuff its handheld tortilla or shell. Popular options include pork (carnitas or al pastor), eggs (migas), tofu (sofritas), fried fish, and jackfruit.

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